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2005-11-02 15:04:59

Cerebral Palsy and Stem Cell Research

According to an article published on the ScienceDaily website,

adult stem cell therapy significantly improves recovery of motor function in animals with ischemic brain injury. They found that when the cells were injected directly into the brain, motor function improved quickly and significantly. Within two weeks, treated animals were about 20 percent less likely to favor the unaffected side and 25 percent experienced improvement in balance.

"Recovery might be even more important in babybrains than forming new cells," Dr. Cesario V. Borlongan, newuroscientist at MCG and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Augusta, says of newborn brains that recover more readily than adult brains. About 1 percent to 2 percent of the transplaned cells actually survived, apparently replacing some cells destroyed by the original injury, while others helped injured cells recover.

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